This must have been one of the most complicated sells in a while but thanks to France and her experience, everything went well. Thank you, France! Xx
C’est avec grand plaisir que mes parents et moi avons fait affaire avec France Forbes et son équipe et nous ne l’avons pas regretté un instant. Elle a fait preuve d’un grand professionnalisme et de beaucoup de doigté, tact et compréhension à l’égard de mes parents qui vendaient leur maison de 50 ans. Elle a pris soin de bien les écouter, a évalué la maison adroitement et a su quelle clientèle serait attirée par ce genre de maison de banlieue à proximité des voies expresses et centres d’intérêt. En une semaine, elle avait trouvé un acheteur sérieux, et en un mois la maison était vendue. J’ai rarement vu ce genre de dévouement et de diligence chez un agent immobilier. Je la recommande sans hésiter.
Hello Forbes Team !!! I wish to thank you for the quickness with which you sold my property, at the selling price I had established, and for the professionalism that you displayed (advertizing pamphlet, visits, etc...) I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to other potential sellers. Sincerely,
Mr. Couture, We’re now well settled in to our new home and wish to express our very high satisfaction. We wish to thank you for the precious help you provided us throughout both the selling and buying process of our home. Your professionalism appeased our many headaches and you knew how to calm the pressure inherent to the many subtleties of a transaction. Your responsiveness and capability of adapting are assets that we greatly appreciated. Please receive our sincere salutations.
It was a real pleasure working with France. Always available and professional in her work. The sale of my condo was quick and I was very satisfied of the work that France and her team did. I received great advice and was accompanied every step of the sale.
We decided to work with France Forbes for the sale of my condo in Laval and regardless of the competition, we sold our home at our price with her help. She is super dynamic, dedicated and always seeking what's best for her clients. Excellent listener. I highly recommend her. I didn't know her before, but one thing is certain, we will call on her again when we decide to sell.
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She guided us well through every step of the buying process for our first home. We were extremely pleased and showed great availability which we greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Hello France, We can honestly say that it was a real pleasure purchasing our first building with your help. You always provided quick and efficient feedback to our many questions. You’re truly proactive, professional and we really appreciated those qualities in you!! We thank you for your services and for being our real estate broker!!
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