The FORBES team embodies the exceptional union of skills of France Forbes, Richard Couture, Sandrine Charbonneau and Maxime Cyr in the field of professional real estate. Renowned for their determination, their keen listening skills and their high standards of quality of service as real estate brokers, these seasoned professionals have more than forty years of collective experience. Their scope of action extends mainly to the North Shore, Laval and the Island of Montreal.

With an impressive series of successful transactions, France, Richard, Sandrine and Maxime are ready to guide you in achieving your real estate goals. Their unwavering commitment to achieving excellence ensures a successful collaboration to transform your real estate aspirations into a tangible reality.

Whether selling or buying:

  • of a single-family property
  • of a rental
  • of vacant land
  • land to develop
  • of an income property
  • of a commercial building
  • of a divided co-ownership
  • of a multi-unit building
  • of a house by the water
  • a first house or co-ownership
  • of an investment
  • or to better understand market trends, they will support you throughout your project and your transactions.



France Forbes Courtier Immobilier

France is a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience in management, sales and customer service, particularly in a corporate environment. With over 40 years of combined real estate management and brokerage experience, France is a seasoned expert who has developed a wealth of expertise in both industries.


Richard, on the other hand, is a born entrepreneur and seasoned businessman with over twenty years of experience in real estate. He is recognized for his ability to establish strong relationships with his clients through his exceptional listening skills and his proactive and effective approach. His expertise in negotiation and problem solving means he is well versed in all the subtleties and potential pitfalls of real estate transactions. He can leverage his extensive experience to confidently guide you through this complex process and ensure a guaranteed and successful outcome.


Sandrine is recognized for her integrity and commitment to her clients. You can count on her to obtain quality professional service with rigorous follow-up. As a enthusiast of renovation, home staging and design, she has acquired extensive experience in the field of construction and real estate. With her great listening skills, her organization and her availability, she will be able to answer all your questions and adapt to your needs, while being present throughout the transactional process to ensure the smooth running of your project.


Maxime stands out for his communication skills, his listening skills and his in-depth knowledge of the current real estate market. He specializes in income real estate and real estate investment, which makes him a considerable asset to assist you in your real estate transactions.



Together, France, Richard, Sandrine and Maxime represent your best assets for achieving your objectives, to represent you as a seller or buyer by carrying out the optimal transaction at the best price, in the best conditions and as quickly as possible.

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